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Five Brand New specially designed Exquisite Assamese Unicode Fonts
অসমীয়া ইউনিকোড ফণ্ট

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100 per cent Assamese Fonts - খাটি অসমীয়া ফণ্ট
All fonts including juktakhyars designed as per acceptable Assamese norms.
Not only that when you download these fonts you get a Sabdalipi Unicode Keyboard and Assamese Typewriter Keyboard absolutely free.

What you can do with these tools ...

  • Create professional looking Assamese documents in minutes.
  • Create Assamese Unicode Website Content
  • Send e-mail in Assamese.
  • Search for Assamese content in Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • Tweet in Assamese.
  • Compose Facebook messages in Assamese and much more.
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