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Sabdalipi Unicode

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Test Drive Sabdalipi Unicode Keyboard

Sabdalipi uses a phonetic style keyboard in the sense that the key for a particular Assamese character is the similar sounding English character.

For example k is ক, g is গ, p is প and so on.

Similarly uppercase characters are used for the deep sounding characters.

For example K is খ, G is ঘ, P is ফ and so on.

The plus '+' sign is used to create juktyakhars

For example typing 'l+p' would result in ল্প

and typing 'j+j+b' would result in জ্জ্ব

A special key is reserved for all kaar jogs

For example a stands for Aakaar

u stands for Ukaar, i.e pu gives পু, ru gives ৰু and gu gives গু

y stands for rhokaar, i.e gy is গ্ৰ, ty is ত্ৰ and ky is ক্ৰ

The keyboard layout and kaar jogs are shown below.